On Harps and Dreams

(With harp music playing in the background.)

She: (With a contented sigh.) That’s so beautiful. I wish I could play the harp like that.

He: Hang in there. You’ll learn.

She: I want to learn faster.

He: (with a little chuckle) Don’t we all. Learning can be hard, boring, tedious work. With only slight, seemingly imperceptible improvements after each session. But trust me, the rewards of patient persistence are worth it.

(They settle back into a quiet silence, enjoying each other’s presence, and the harmony of harps and dreams.)

A hemidemisemiquaver. Better known as a 64th note.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


    1. I’m always reminded of a Bill Cosby episode where he talks of wanting to learn to play a drum solo rat-a-tat-tat-bang-boom-chchchch-ting-ting-rrrrrroll-boom-crash-clang-boom. But to do that he had to start with one drumstick and a wooden block… tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. Boring! Frustrating! But needful!! A lot of wisdom about patience and diligence in that scene.


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