Rebel With Many a Cause

I’m taking my cottage-industry hobby business to the next level yet again!

For this step in the growth of CottaCon, I’ve decided to also divide out the ministry side into its own separate, ministry-specific blog. Check it out at Next Iteration Ministries and, if you feel so inclined, show your support by following that one as well.

James Clark, The Next Iteration will still be my main site, but separating out the primary ventures makes it easier for my supporters, readers, helpers, and users to finetune what they are most interested in following, helping, and watching develop and grow.

It’s all still in its infancy — right now I’m just trying to get a handle on a routine, the logistics, and how to organize it all — but I’d still like to hear what you think and a suggestion or two. I’d appreciate any thoughts you can find the time to share.

I don’t promise to incorporate every idea that I see, though, no matter how much it may look like a vintage 1949 Mecury. Like James Dean, I’m sort of a rebel when it comes to following generally accepted practices. For example, I think that our society focuses too much on eye-candy over content. We also try to put out too much quantity at the expense of quality. Personally, I strive in everything I do to always strike a proper balance between all of the important considerations of a thing. But that being said, I would still love to hear your ideas for my improvement.

If your interested, here’s a complete list of the different blogs for my current ventures:

James Clark, The Next Iteration — my personal site.

Iterative Ink — for the more fully-developed writings, reviews, and articles.

Beappitudes — for app development.

Next Iteration Ministries — for ministry-oriented content.

CottaCon — the parent organization.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

See you at the movies!!



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