Love is Spelled T-I-M-E

“Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than devoting time for one another!”

Adventures of a Busy Mom

So true, so true. If you want strong relationships (and nobody wants to live a completely solitary existence) you’ve got to invest time and effort into them. They don’t just happen.

This is true in all relationships: family, marriage, siblings, extended family, friends, work…

Even in your relationship w God!

As for me, this also includes my followers.

If someone is willing to invest their time in me, I try to reciprocate and invest time into a relationship with them as well. The more they invest in me, I try to give as much or more back. At least as much as I can. That’s why I try to leave a string of comments and likes for those I follow, and it’s why I check out the blogs of every one of my new followers.

This is also why I try not to follow too many. I only follow those that are the most impacting in my life, and those that invest the most into me. It’s important to not stretch ourselves too thin in our relationships. Decide which relationships are most important and decide how much time to devote to each. Some relationships should be deeper than others.

The depth of the relationship is directly proportionate to the amount of time spent cultivating it.

So, if there is ever anything I can do for one of you my followers, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Let me know how I can spell out my love and gratitide by giving you back some “love-time”.

I T-I-M-E you guys!


A Special Thank You

My Favorite Literary Children


  1. Agreed with what you’re saying here. Especially at this time in my life, relationships Must be reciprocal. Or I distance myself from the person. I don’t ‘follow’ a string of people here – only those who involve themselves in regular discourse via comment threads. And that doesn’t need to be with every post! Life happens. 😉

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    1. Me too. And I keep doing it on a continual basis.

      But it’s so hard to choose! If I chose to follow a blog in the first place, it means there was something about their writing that I appreciated, so It pains me every time I have to choose one to un-follow.

      I wish I was a Time Wizard. Then I could have all the time I needed to follow everyone that I apprecaited.

      But alas, I am only human. I am one of those of the race of beings that must make hard choices in order to survive.

      I feel honored that I am still making your list of blogs to follow. Thank you. From the bottom of my timepiece.

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      1. My pleasure, and thank you for keeping me on your list! I have found that often a post that caused me to follow someone was very good, but then posts that followed were not appealing to me.

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        1. My experience, also. In fact, I’ve started a practice of reading several posts before deciding to “Follow”. I read 2 or 3 of their recent posts (giving a “Like” as merited), and 2 or 3 of their “Top Posts” (if they have that widget active).

          I also encourage bloggers to include a link at the end of all their posts to a short list of what they consider to be their best work. (See my “Blog Your Own Best” post.)

          Reading what they consider ther best work allows them to share well-written older posts that “Top Posts” may have missed due to the mathematics of an ever-increasing following. I also find that reading the pieces they feel the most proud of and passionate about helps me get to know them better personally so I can make a better decision on whether they are someone I would like to invest my time in following or not.

          Thank you for the time you’ve invested in reading my work and commenting on it! I appreciate you!

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  2. Thank you for investing your time in me. I felt honored reading this post as my site was one of the chosen ones. I so agree with you. I’d rather have few followers who read and comment on my posts than a large number of followers who don’t bother to read.Thank you again.

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