I have done many things in my life.

I have been a teacher; I’ve been a minister. I have been a salesman; and I’ve been a warehouseman. I’ve been a cook, dishwasher, supervisor, youth group leader. I’ve recently graduated with a degree in computer science because I’ve always dreamed of being a programmer. And though my jobs have been diverse and eclectic, in anything I’ve ever done, I’ve always strived for excellence.

As a teacher I have taught swimming, piano, Tae Kwon Do, drama, chess (let me know if you’d like to play!), grades 7-10 at a Christian school, and Sunday School. I’ve also always been the go-to trainer for just about every job I’ve ever had. Even today I still find a way to teach through the blogs that I write.

I’ve held several positions as a minister: youth minister, youth group leader, principal and teacher at a Christian school, Sunday School teacher. The welfare of others in their whole being — spirit, soul and body — has always been heavy on my heart and a driving passion in my life. I guess that’s why I added a ministry category to my blog devoted to helping others find a proper balance in all areas of life. In fact, “keeping a proper balance in all areas of life” has been the watchword for my life from a very young age.

I hope you enjoy my work. Let me know what you think!