​Help Me Reader. Help, Help Me Reader

In my post “Why I Write: Literary Childbirth”, I compare the labor of writing to childbirth, and, like every good parent, I want to raise my literary children to be the best they can be. But I can’t do it alone. They say that it takes a village to raise a child, so here are some ways you, my fellow villagers, can help me raise mine:


Parents love to hear how awesome people think their kids are, but they also need information about what their kids need improvement on, and my posts are no exception. Leaving comments is a quick, easy, and convenient way for you to let me know what you are thinking about my literary children. Positive, negative, agree, debate, substantiate, expand, like, dislike, validate, rebuke, praise, critique, add an anecdote, ask for clarification, start a discussion… it doesn’t matter. Any feedback whatsoever will help me immensely. I’ve always told my kids they can learn something from everybody. Agreeing or not is irrelevant. Following the advice or not is their choice. But always listen respectfully, consider objectively, and extrapolate whatever lesson and response they deem best.

So no matter how terse it may be, how mean it may seem, or how gushing it may sound, please leave a note and let me know your thoughts.

Tell Your Friends

It seems that new babies are one of the most beloved topics of conversation, and I hope my babies impress you enough to talk about them in your daily interactions. This more than anything else will build my family of readers. Word of mouth always has been and probably always will be the most effective, most cost-efficient, and least intrusive method of growing a product, service, or following.

Subscribe/Follow My Blog

Subscribing (otherwise known as “Following”) not only makes it convenient for you to be notified by email of new posts, but it provides me with both encouragement and inspiration to know that others like my work and are depending on me to be consistent in providing quality content.

If you’re not a fellow WordPress blogger, click on the “Subscribe” button and enter your email address. Be sure to also find the confirmation email WordPress will send you (it may go to your “Spam” folder), and follow the link to verify your intention to subscribe.

Of course, if you’re a WordPress blogger, you already know you can just click on follow and it’ll make my day.

So, “Go ahead. Make my day.”

Contact Me Directly
If you’re not comfortable commenting where all the world can see, I totally understand, especially if it’s more of a critique. Neither do I like the idea of possibly being thought of as negative, critical, or petty by those who don’t understand what I am trying to say or my purpose in saying it.

But don’t let that prevent you from offering me some much-needed suggestions and constructive criticism. Just contact me directly. I would love to hear from you. In fact, it will mean even more to me since you’re taking more time, putting forth more effort, and overcoming the normal human instinct to avoid conflict.

So please…

Help me, Obi-Wan Readerobi. You’re my only hope!



Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, I invite you to check out what I think of as my best work on “My BYOB List (My Personal Favorites)”.

Help Me, Rhonda is a song by the Beach Boys.

“Go ahead, make my day” is from the 1983 movie Sudden Impact.

And of course the timeless “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi” reference is from Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope.

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