Broken Hearted Idolly

“Idols always break the hearts of their worshippers.”

— C.S.Lewis

Wow. There’s a lot of golden wisdom to mine out of that one short quote!

But let me share with you just one nugget of thought for your consideration:

If you “tried Christianity” once…

But it left you feeling like your heart was broken by God.

If you felt like He let you down…

or ignored you.

I challenge you…

Take an honest look at yourself,

And at the “god” you thought you were seeking.

I submit to you that it was actually an idol you were worshipping and NOT the One True God!

Go to Him again in your heart now and give Him another chance to introduce you to Himself. (Jeremiah 29:13)


This was one of those posts I shivered and shook over when hitting “Publish” wondering how it would be received. Please take it in the spirit of humility, tenderness, and understanding it is intended and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Bravo James for saying what you feel and believe. As you know, my dad was a minister in the Congregational Church. I grew up learning and being advised, not told. I have long since shied away from “organized religion” and what my Dad would call holy rollers and Bible thumpers. Too many churches have become too rigid in their teachings. I often imagine God looking down at us and shaking His head as He hears His words being used to instill fear in us. My God is alive and loving, not some idol to be worshiped under the fear of going to Hell.

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