My BYOB List (My Personal Favorites)

What exactly do I mean by a BYOB list? Check out my BYOB post for more details.

I’ve tried to list them top down, but there are several levels where I had a hard time deciding which one I prefer over the next. 

Let me know your favorites!

Why I Write: Literary Childbirth

 The Fingerprints of Mom

Nakomai’s Immortality (CAUTION! Rated PG!)

Soul Spring Magic

Swimming In the Pool of Life

The Zoe Dogalectic

Why The Next Iteration?

Computers, Jokes, and… Shampoo

Climbing Fish and the Intelligence Misconception

BYOB — Blog Your Own Best

Affordable Housing

Outlined in Mud

Die to Bloom

Childhood and the Goons (CAUTION! Rated R!)