Magical Popcorn

Oh the memories of Jiffy Pop!

If you’ve never given it a try, you gotta do it! It’s not your normal popcorn experience!

Picture this…

A thin, unassuming pan of something hidden under a cover of aluminum foil purchased as is from a local grocery store.

Then, in the words of Jeff Cann, “shake the pan over a heat source—a fire, a stove, a black car hood on a sunny summer day…”

And magic happens!

It was one of the funnest experiences of my childhood to watch that flat pan of nothingness


And Grow…


as it popped those hard yellow kernels into a tin-foil-balloon of fluffy white billows of goodness.

All you youngins out there, Google an image of Jiffy Pop. You’ll love it.

Better yet, buy a pan and try it for yourself.




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  1. As far as I know we never had this kind of popcorn available here when I was growing up – I have since tried microwave popcorn that has a similar effect, but it must have been very exciting watching the magic happen on the hob!

    Liked by 1 person

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