Link Tester

This page was created for WordPress support personnel to research an issue I’ve been having with my mobile editor breaking my links.

If you’ve come here while poking around my site, I applaud your moxie! And give you a big THANK YOU for your time and attention!

But, there’s nothing here of interest to most, so feel free to ignore this page and explore the other areas of my site.

Thanks again for the visit!

The Test Links:

Fingerprints Mom link test 1

Link Test 1 was created using the mobile app editor by copying the url from the address bar of the post. It gives a “Page Not Found” error.

Fingerprints of Mom link test 2

Link Test 2 was created by updating the page using the browser-based editor on my mobile phone with a copy/paste of the url from the address bar of the post. It works fine. BUT! Notice that the url text in the links and in the address bar IS IDENTICAL!!!

I know from past experience that if I were to now use the mobile app editor to make even the tiniest of a change, it would break Link Test 2 and it would not work either until I used the browser-based editor to copy/paste new url text — even though the visible text would be identical — into the link.

Soul Spring Magic link Test 3

Link Test 3 was created with mobile app by adding to this page and updating. The link worked fine. Then I edited the post in a way to simulate fixing a typo. It still works. Then I added text to this “Page” and “Updated”. It still works. (?!)

So I next tested updating my Home page by making a textual change and updating. The Soul Spring Magic link still works, but….OUCH! All the links to the older posts I had added images to are now broken again! (It’s my landing page, so I’m not going to leave them broken.)

Next I added an image to the Soul Spring Magic post. The link still works. So, the big test, I added text to this page, “Updated”, and…. it still works!

So, for a final test, I updated my Home page, and…. What?! The Soul Spring Magic link still works. Oh my! I don’t understand!

I have no idea why I didn’t have trouble with the Soul Spring Magic link. As far as I know, I didn’t do anything different with this test than I did when updating the posts that I keep having trouble with the links to. I’m including the below the links that keep breaking on my Home page and on my page called “My Personal Favorites”.

Why I Write: Literary Childbirth

The Fingerprints of Mom

Swimming In the Pool of Life

The first two don’t work because even though I used a working url, I used the mobile app editor to add them. On the last one I used the browser-based editor, so it works fine… until the next time I update the page using the mobile app editor!