App-ggestion Box

Haven’t written in a while, so I thought I’d post an update letter to all my friends out there in the blogging neighborhood…

Learning to program for the Android platform is going good, but slow. Overtime at work is a little slim right now, so that has helped give me little more time than usual. I even had enough time to start up a second blog devoted to my programming. It’s brand new, so there’s not much on it yet, but I’ll be using it for journaling the experience and disseminating any relevant news. I’m calling it Beappitudes, a play on The Beattitudes of the Bible with the tag line

Apps built upon a solid foundation of practical wisdom for a blessed life.

Now comes the hard part… coming up with good app ideas. If any of you have any ideas for an app you’d like to see, let me know. As a reward if I use the idea, I’ll give you a copy of it for free. And hey, if it’s good enough, I’ll even cut you in the profits!

Until we talk again!



  1. Hey, Jim. Glad to hear you are well. How about an app that allows me to monitor/cleanup the zillion apps my kids download on our cloud account for their own devices? I’m imagining “AppToilet — flush away all your kids’ crap!”

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