Why I Write: Literary Childbirth

I’ve had a recent spate of new followers, so, in honor of them and their freshly-proffered support, I thought I would highlight one of my favorite and most-appreciated posts. Enjoy.

James Clark -- The Next Iteration

I love to write… and I hate that.

Writing has always come hard to me, a frustrating and grueling parturition that only inspires feelings of love when the finished product is born into the world. And yet it has gown to be an inseparable part of me — a child that over the years has helped me immeasurably to process information and communicate with more confidence. I love it with the love of a parent for a child. But I also feel as much ambivalence towards the writing process as I do towards what my wife had to go through giving birth to my children. Without childbirth, there would be no children; and without the writing process, there would be no writings.

Writing is one of the most arduous and frustrating endeavors I have ever undertaken. I’m constantly encountering situations where I labor to find the right word. I know…

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