Just Do It!

Just do it.

It may be the overused phrase borrowed from a classic Nike ad campaign, but it’s deeper truth is something I’m learning as I expand my programming skills.

Just do it.

It doesn’t matter how simple or how bad or how redundant you may think your finished product is at the time. If it’s something you want or need to learn,

Just do it.

It reminds me of something I learned from Mr. Rogers in his biography. After he had written a few songs that would later become a part of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”, he took them to a publisher who told him, “Yeah, these are good. Now come back when you’ve got a bucketful!” In other words,

Just do it!

You see, the more you do something, the better and more efficient you’ll get at it. It isn’t the quality that matters at the start, but the practice and experience you gain when you

Just do it.

Give yourself permission to not be perfect. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t as beautiful or as high-quality as your ultimate goal is. It’ll get there in time. Just keep keep practicing. Listen to Miss Frizzle when she says,

Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy.

In his book “Failing Forward”, John Maxwell tells the story of a college experiment with making clay pots for a class. Given a sample product, one group was tasked with making pots as perfectly and as beautiful as possible without worrying about the quantity made, while another group was tasked with making as many pots as possible without concern for quality. The interesting and unexpected result? Not only did the second group produce way more pots, but by the end of the course, their pots were more perfect and more beautiful than those being produced by the first group. Which serves to drive home the point to

Just do it!!

So whatever it is…
Whatever your goal…
Whatever your desire…
You can get better at it…
If you will…

Just Do It!!!



  1. I agree, you can’t say that often enough. And I also like the affirmation that we don’t need to perfect, being perfect doesn’t leave room for improvement. Great post, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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