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Blog of the Hour

Okay my dear readers, this informal post is for all you husbands (male significant others?) out there. If you’re the wife (you know what I mean without needing to continue the cumbersome inclusiveness, right?), give this to your husbands to read. Tell them it was my idea so they won’t think, God forbid, that you’re trying to change them. In fact, maybe you should give it to them to read first so you can honestly say you didn’t know they were going to get preached at! 🙂

Anyway, I ran across a fresh young voice the other day that shows a lot of promise. She writes under the name AnnaBanana, although I’m petty sure that’s a pseudonym. Her blog is called “…Or Whatever“, and her writing carries a lolling, playful tone that sugarcoats a slightly sarcastic yet profound wisdom far beyond her twenty-ish years.

Ya’ gotta love the blog name. It’s ingeniously multi-faceted: flexible so she can incorporate it “wherever” she wants to in her posts; infinitely reusable to her readers as fodder for wordplay “whenever” they want to in their comments; and versatile to allow her to write about “whatever” she wants to. On top of all that, it’s totally apropos for her youthful and slightly sarcastic attitude that somehow still manages to come across as sweet and tolerant.

It’s crafty too! Those three little dots of the ellipsis at the beginning seem innocuous enough since they are commonplace in the usage of the word, but… Bippity! (One dot.) Boppity! (Two dots.) Boo!… And magically it appears at the top of my alphabetized list of followed blogs!

She must have a fairy godblogger helping her!

Her post “Pretty, Pretty Please” in particular spoke to me deeply. (Here’s the part for us husbands.) At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, it literally changed my life. With her oxymoronic sarcastic sweetness, she knocked me out of a deep rut I had fallen into after 30+ years of marriage by reminding me to compliment my wife not only on her beauty, but also on those character traits of hers that I fell so in love with when we were little more than children ourselves. I don’t think this was a takeaway she expected to inspire when she wrote it, but such is a quality of great writing — a multitude of gleanable lessons that extend far deeper than the surface words.

In my opinion, Anna is a burgeoning writer to watch, and although I don’t agree with everything she says, her work is far from shallow. She impacted my life so much I felt compelled to share some of her work. If you’d like to see if the shoe fits your reading tastes, here are a few more of my favorites of hers that you can check out…

If you want to…

Or whatever.

My Little Room

Keeping It Real

Expectations and Other Collegiate Problems


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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, James! For once in my twenty-ish years I’m kind of at a loss for words. It’s always nice to get some traffic on my site. And thanks to all for reading!

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