​Hot Dog!

My wife’s new puppy, Zoe.

One hot dog, both literally and figuratively.

Best Dog Ever!

Constantly living up to her name reflecting the God-kind of life.

The sweetest, smartest, funniest, most loyal dog she’s ever owned.

Her best friend. (At least of the canine variety!)

Loves to curl up in front of the firpelace in the winter, and let the cold air blow in her face in the summer.

And the inspiration for my post “The Zoe Dogalectic”!



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    1. My wife’s last dog was the same way. He had an uncanny knack for finding even a slice of sunlight on the floor.

      Zoe likes the fireplace so much she won’t budge once she gets there, even if she starts to pant from the heat! She’ll even give us a petulant little growl when we try to move her away from it so she’ll stop panting!

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