​[Blank] Of the Hour Serieses 

I know, I know. That’s incorrect grammar for the plural of “series”. But even though it looks and sounds weird, my meaning is much clearer, and I’m always willing to flout traditional rules in favor of clarity.

Man of the hour — noun. “A man who is currently the most important or most admired.” http://www.dictionary.com

I’m starting a number of series, each of a different topic, that follow this “Man of the Hour” concept. Each entry is an item of a particular category that has spoken to me on an exceptionally deep level, either in content, style, or both. I call them “[Blank] of the Hour“, and the categories include Blog Posts, Bible Verses, Quotes, Songs, and Vocabulary Words (though this may expand to include others later). In the future, I’d like to address each one at least once a week, but for now I’m not making a commitment to any consistency.

As I’ve been considering items to include, I’m finding the choices to be harder than I expected. There are so many high-quality blogs, inspirational verses, encouraging quotes, impacting songs, and interesting words out there that it’s been difficult to narrow them down to just one.

Here are links to the different categories. I hope you find them inspiring.

Blog of the Hour: Comments on a blog or post that spoke to me on an exceptionally deep level, either in content, style, or both.

Verse of the Hour: Bible verses that are burning in my heart like a fire shut up in my bones.

Quote of the Hour: Ditto, but for quotations.

Song of the Hour: ‘Nuff said.

Word of the Hour: Vocabulary words I ran across that I really liked.


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, I invite you to check out what I think of as my best work on “My BYOB List (My Personal Favorites)”.

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